Google rolling out new curved mobile search results interface

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It appears that Google is now rolling out the new curved mobile design that they have been testing for several months now. Many searchers have been reporting to me that they have been seeing the new design, and several of us at Search Engine Land can replicate it.

The new design started rolling out earlier this morning and now more are seeing it live.

This would be the first major redesign to the Google search results since 2013 with the unified card design.

We asked Google to confirm the rollout but have not yet heard back from them at the time we published this. This story will be updated with a statement from Google as soon as we hear from them. Google is known for conducting many user interface tests but this one seems to not be a test anymore.

Here is a screen shot of the new curved look for the Google mobile search results from my iPhone:

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Download Google rolling out new curved mobile search results interface as PDF

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