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It’s not about which is right for you, it’s about which is right for your audience.

Depending on which outlets you read, you probably have differing opinions on how the two temporary story apps are performing compared to each other. There’s no question that they are similar. Snapchat product managers have even called out Instagram product managers for ripping off the platform. But similarities aside, which one is better for your influencer marketing strategy?

There are some outlets reporting that Instagram Stories is growing so fast that advertisers are bailing on Snapchat. While other reports say that because of the creativity on the platform, Snapchat is still strongly holding its ground.

We’re not going to stand on our soapbox and declare a winner and loser. Because, ultimately, that’s the wrong conversation.

It’s not about which is the better platform for your brand. It’s about which is the better platform for your audience.

Both Instagram and Snapchat provide unique tools for content creation. Plenty of brands have built proven audience engagement strategies using each platform. What’s important for your brand is the specific audience you trying to reach. Where are they and how are they engaging with content?

We’ll outline strategies on both Instagram & Snapchat that make sense for your next influencer marketing campaign.

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Instagram gives users the ability to share snapshots of the important moments from their lives. Instagram’s young user base comprises 28% of all adult Internet users. And these ‘grammers are very active making Instagram the most engaging social network.


What works

  • Instagram is mobile first. Mobile is a device consumers always have with them. Instagram’s mobile-centric platform makes it a good place to interact with a mobile-savvy community.
  • Instagram has high engagement rates. This means that influencers activated on the platform to promote your brand will see increased visibility and interaction compared to other networks.
  • With hashtags and the Instagram Explore Tab, your content is highly discoverable to people who have expressed similar interests.
  • Authentic content. You can authentically share about your brand and you can also learn about your community through the content they’re sharing.

What doesn’t work

  • Instagram is mobile first. This means your content is only displayed via mobile devices. Unless you’re showcasing the content outside of Instagram, large screen more immersive content is unavailable (for now).
  • Non-clickable links makes conversion very difficult on the network.
  • Without re-share options, there isn’t as much of a viral growth opportunity as Facebook and Twitter provide.
  • Some people indicate that the recent algorithm changes, along with the development of business accounts, have damaged organic distribution and engagement rates of their content.

Influencer Recommendations

Instagram is at its best when you can create an influencer strategy that focus on the sharing of moments that are authentic to the influencer and their audience. Highly engaging visuals can capture the attention of the viewer and help build an audience.


Snapchat is unique to other social networks in that the content being shared gets deleted after it’s viewed and doesn’t remain on the network indefinitely. How can disappearing content possibly build a lasting impression for a brand? Through one-on-one style interactions. With its simple and addictive interface, Snapchat has a very engaging network full of active teens and should be taken seriously with your social media marketing strategies.


What works

  • High usage amongst teens gives you an opportunity to connect with this elusive demographic with easily consumable content pieces.
  • The Stories function creates the opportunity for powerful visual storytelling. By sharing multiple snaps from an event or experience, you can give an authentic perspective of being “behind the scenes” with your brand.
  • Consumers have to choose to interact with you. You’ve got automatic, deeper opt-in from everyone who chooses to follow you. This makes the channel very valuable for brands making push marketing part of their strategy.
  • Snapchat creates the opportunity to be fun and interact with your community in the same way they’re interacting with each other. Brands like Taco Bell have set a masterful precedent for using the channel to foster authentic engagement.

What doesn’t work

  • It’s difficult, if not impossible, to measure your success on Snapchat. This may be the biggest deterrent for brands. Because the content disappears there is no way to audit or analyze the performance of your posts.
  • Another problem of disappearing posts is the increased difficulty in repurposing the content.
  • Content is only discoverable and available to the individuals who follow you.
  • You can’t target your content promotion to specific community members.

Influencer Recommendations

Snapchat is at its best when you’re able to take advantage of the creative tools on the platform. Creating custom geo-filters and lenses gives the influencers and your community a better engagement opportunity. Partnering with influencers who have creative drawing talents gives you an even more unique engagement opportunity

With these insights in hand, you’ll have a leg-up knowing that it there is no better, there is only different. Apply these lessons to your next influencer marketing campaign.

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