Lesson 8 – Basic Internet Promotion

In our last lesson we discussed the seventh of our foundation marketing principles, direct marketing.  As you can see, all of the marketing methods can be effective right along with what you are able to do on the internet.  The most important part of what you do online is to be everywhere that your prospect is.   This may sound elementary but it is true and it is also doable.

For instance, some of your customers may like to ‘hang around’ on social networks.  You want to make sure that you, at least have a presence there (we will discuss specific strategies later).  Some of your customers like to spend time on their mobile device.  Therefore, you will want to make sure that you have a presence in having a mobile website and mobile app.  Still others do most of their web activity by surfing the internet on their personal computer.  Therefore you will want to make sure that your website presence is inviting.

The fact of the matter is that you will need a strategy for all of the basic areas of online promotion; but even before you develop one, you need to establish a presence in the following areas:

Mobile: Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps
Search Engines: Blogs and Websites
Search Directories: Google Places, Yahoo Maps, etc.
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Publication: Kindle, Traditional Publication
Public Relations: Online News and Press Releases
Online Communities: Niche Forums and Bulletin Board

This is the most basic of internet promotion where you will definitely need to make sure that you have a profile and presence.  Eventually, each one will require its own strategy.  However, when your marketing is working systematically along with the 7 foundational methods, you will find that you will be able to get people to see your website and come to your location.  In our next lesson we will talk about one aspect of promotion that is growing today that you will want to consider using in your marketing efforts.   Call us today and we will make sure that your basic promotions are in place in the online medium.

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