Lesson 11 – Building a Bullet Proof Network

In our last lesson, we discussed how to create an educational wing of your business.  The fact that you could teach your customers, your peers or even your competition makes for an ever expanding business model.  Additionally, what it also does is gives you a product to sell to everyone. Not everyone will want your products when they first see them.  Additionally, not everyone will be able to afford them.  When you have education for sale, you will be able to provide everyone with something to purchase from you.

One of the best places to use your publications is to expand your professional network.  Having a book or information product is great.  Being able to use that product in the context of meeting more people who can refer you to others is even better.  That is why one of the things that we suggest you do is to build your professional network.   However, that does not mean that you need to go to all of the “networking” events.  It means that you need to place yourself in the position of getting what prospects want and need for their business and their personal life.

In his book Networking with Millionaires, Dr. Thomas Stanley states that an extraordinary sales professional needs to be ready to be able to give before they receive in order for their network to function for them.  In terms of giving, the sales professional should be able to help people to:

1.) Get better suppliers for their business
2.) Get better prospects for their business
3.) Get better suppliers for their personal needs

How do you do this?  As you prospect and generate conversations, you listen for what their need is: 1) What do they need (personal), 2) what to they buy (supplier) and 3) what do they sell (prospects).  You do what you can to provide these for them from members of your own personal and professional network.  When you are doing this repeatedly, the “Law of Reciprocity” works on your behalf and people are willing to work to bring you more business.  If you work to bring members of your network more business, you will bullet proof your network.

In our next lesson we will begin to talk about basic internet promotion in depth.  I hope you are very excited.   Call us today so that we can help you start your influence network by showing you in more detail about how you can build in out in addition to introducing you to some of ours.

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