Lesson 15 – Can You Profit From Blogging?

In our last lesson, we discussed how to find a good consultant to help you to implement SEO for your business.  One thing to think about is that some companies use multiple websites in order to capture all of the traffic that is available to them for SEO.

The corporate website tends to be used for official news and press releases.  The tone tends to be formal (if a company has a formal tone at all).  It is the showcase of what your company is and what it does. If you have hours of operations, if you have sale pricing or if you have news that you need to convey to your customers, this is the place where you will let them know what is happening.

However, that probably won’t cover all of the keywords that your customers are interested in.  In fact there will be 1) some keywords that are important for you to have a presence on and 2) some for you to have products and services ready to buy.  The keywords that indicate that customers are ready to buy tend to use covered by a business’ website.  Those keywords that customers or prospects search with when they are only at the ‘showing interest’ stage are typically best covered by a blog.

A blog will allow your owners, executives and staff of your company to offer unofficial opinions about the business, about the industry or about anything else that they might think is relevant.  On the one hand, a blog is a good site to give prospects a chance to connect with people in your business.  On the other hand it is a good way to capture prospects into a marketing funnel that may not be ready to buy.  Companies that use blogs tend to make them visual with lots of pictures that people would like to share through social media.  A blog is a great way to give your customer, contacts and clients updated opinions on what you think is going on in your marketplace.

In our next lesson we will discuss keywords and how they affect your blog or website being found.  Call today so that we can assess the potential benefit from your company starting a blog and what the best method is to implement it.


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