Lesson 7 – Direct Marketing

In our last lesson we discussed the need for businesses to brand themselves not by purchasing expensive advertising packages from media sources such as radio, television and news, but instead to utilize public relations and community marketing.  Doing this helps companies to create a presence for themselves in their local area as an expert.

It also creates high visibility for them.  It helps them to accomplish the same effect as a branding campaign, accept that they are leveraging media instead of buying it.  Additionally, community relations allows them to work where decision makers are in a more direct way than if they were to simply advertise.

Direct marketing draws the same kind of comparisons.  When you are direct marketing, your messaging is to one person instead of many.  Simply put, direct marketing is one on one messaging between the buyer and the seller.  Instead of waiting for the buyer to come to the seller, the direct marketer takes their message to the buyer to present an offer to them.

Direct marketing can be effective when it is done correctly and within a system that is being tracked carefully so that the owner knows where their results are coming from.   There are several forms of direct marketing used by business that are available to you.  The primary methods for direct marketing are:  1) direct mail and 2) telemarketing.

When you are building a direct marketing campaign a considerable amount of the actual success of the campaign will depend on your copywriting.  Whether you are writing a script for the telemarketers or you are writing out your direct mail piece.  You will need to know how to sell your product in writing.  It is important to note that if you are going to spend money on a campaign like this, it is prudent to hire a professional consultant and/or copywriter.   You want the highest possible return on this investment as possible.

In our next lesson we will move from direct marketing to basic internet promotion.  This will give you the overview for the rest of the course.   We can help you by copywriting your direct mail or your telemarketing scripts.  Call us today so that you can get the most of this kind of marketing campaign.

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