Lesson 17 – Local Search Engine Directories

In this set of lessons, we want to talk about search engine directories and review sites.  These are actually, large sometimes internationally run sites built with local small businesses in mind.  Local businesses are typically allowed to sign up at no cost and list their business.  The advantage to the business is that many of these sites are trusted by consumers because of the review system in place.  In other words, many of the directory sites allow consumers to rate their experience with the businesses.

When you are competing in your local area it is a good idea to sign up for as many of these directory sites as possible.  Consumers have different directory sites that they choose to use and being listed in all of them gives you the opportunity to be found.  If you recall, in other lessons, we have said that the key with online marketing is that you want to be everyplace that your prospect is.

Another reason for signing up for the directory sites is that they are given favorable treatment for some keywords in the search engines.  That means that many times, when a consumer is searching for a particular product or service, they could see one of the directory sites in the top ten search results.   Additionally, these directory sites help you gain ranking power for the Google Places local directory which we will talk about in a future lesson.  In the same vein, when you connect your listings to your website or blog, your ranking power is helped then also.

You may have used some of these sites as a consumer.  You will recognize some of their names: 1) Yelp.com; 2) Citysearch.com; 3) Insiderpages.com; 4) YellowPages.com and 5) Angieslist.com.  In all there are well over 100 local directory sites that a company could be listed in.   You’ll want to make sure that your profile is filled out completely in all of the directories; however, the best way to complete this task is to contact us and allow us to help you with them.  Because we work with the directories, we will know how to structure your listings, integrate them with your website and determine your best keywords to give you the maximum benefit for the listings.

In our next lesson, we will discuss the most important of all of the online business directories: Google Places.  Call today so what we can help you to start getting more customers from being found in all of the directory listings for your chosen keywords.

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