Lesson 16 – Search Engine Keywords

In our last lesson, we discussed how you can use blogging to your advantage to cover keywords that people use when they are not quite ready to make a purchase.  For those keywords that indicate that people are ready to buy your products and services, we would want to use your corporate website to cover them.  Basically, we need to be able to tell the difference between those keywords that prospects use when they are ready to buy and those keywords that prospects use when they are just “kicking the tires” or investigating your products and services.

When people are ready to buy there are certain ways that they might indicate that, by what they actually type into the search engine bar.  The marketing community calls these buying keywords.   When you are paying for SEO services, you want to make sure that you optimize your site for as many buying keywords as you can.  This will help you to get a return on your investment much faster.  A good example of using a buying keyword would be typing in the exact model name of a product: “Casio EX Z550 14.1 MP”.  Or a user might add on a word to the phrase that signals that they are buying.  For instance, it is likely that someone searching with the phrase “deals for Casio EX Z550 14.1 MP” or “affordable Casio EX Z550 14.1 MP” is close to making a purchase.

Other related keywords that don’t indicate a desire to buy are called research keywords.  These words indicate that the customer is in the research phase.  You would want to optimize (be found in the search engines) for these keywords differently than you would buying keywords.  You may be more interested in enticing these site visitors to sign up for your newsletter or mailing list so that you can market to them later.

In our next lesson we will move on from SEO for your website and blog to discuss local search engine directories like Google Places.  Call us today so that we can help you to find the buying keywords for your business and make your website findable for them.



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