Lesson 10 – Establishing Your Expert Position through Education

In our last lesson, we discussed making sure to take advantage of the opportunity to be published.   Now that Amazon Kindle has opened up the possibility for business owners to easily write and publish their own books, this is not a daunting task.

That means that if business owners are willing to take the time to create some content in a book, then they can expand their customer base to those who download books from kindle.  They are very likely to reach a significant number of new prospects in that way as people are interested in finding solutions to things that confuse them.

It is for that reason that businesses can and should think about how to incorporate a “how-to” part to their business.  In other words, they should take the portion of their business that solves problems for their customers and people like them and further educate them.  There are several ways a company can do this:

1)      Do a free talk in your community about the problem your product solves (not the product though!)

2)      Do a web seminar (webinar) for people online solving the problems that your products and services speak to.

3)      Create a multi-media online course on how to do something that is commonly a problem.

In all three cases, businesses have the option of selling the information or giving it away.  When giving away the information, a business can provide the education in exchange for the prospect’s contact information.  In this way, the business owner will be able to market to the people who decided to get the information.

Additionally, this marketing will be targeted.  Since the business owner knows what the subject of the talk was, they will be able to direct the right kind of offers to the prospects.  Of course, since the prospects are available in the business’s database the business will have the option(s) of selling products and services and selling more how to information to them.

In our next lesson we will discuss an additional source of income for those who decide to publish or those who decide to create education.  Call us today so that we can help you to create educational programs that will make you more profitable.

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