Lesson 30 – Introduction to Mobile Marketing

You are probably aware that people are spending more time on their mobile devices and accessing the internet using them.  That means that you also need to make sure that you have a plan for your business to meet the needs of mobile device users.  And the way the trends are looking, you will soon need to anticipate that a majority of your visitors will be using their mobile devices.

There are a number of things that you will need to consider.  One of the first will be whether or not, you will need to get a mobile website or a mobile application to promote your business.   If you have done any surfing online using a mobile device, you realize that there is a difference.  But much depends on what kind of business you have and where you generate sales.  More importantly, what are the expectations of your site visitors?

Another thing that you’ll want to consider is whether or not you could benefit from using SMS marketing.  You will want to consider this form of database marketing because it is clear that consumers are going to be using SMS to communicate with each other.  And if you are going to have a presence everyplace where your prospect is, you’ll need to consider whether text messaging makes sense for your business.

You’ll want to re-think about your social media strategy and incorporate the use of mobile devices.  Are there ways that you can encourage interaction on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Should you think about other social networks that are almost entirely mobile such as Instagram and Foursaquare?

Yet one more consideration is how to administer discounts, barcodes and QR codes.  You have probably seen the scanner codes that allow visitors to be sent to a page of your choosing.  Does this strategy fit the kind of business that you have or can you leave this for another time?

Then there is the impact on all of the other strategies we have discussed prior to this lesson in the context of mobile device use.  What is the impact on building your database, or public relations or direct one-on-one marketing?  Should you be integrating all of these methods along with mobile devices into your current marketing mix?

We can help you put mobile marketing into perspective.  Call us today so that we can sit down with you and outline a real marketing strategy that takes all promotional avenues and puts them in perspective. In our next lesson, we will share some statistics with you about mobile marketing that may be surprising to you.

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