Lesson 32 – Introduction to Video Marketing (Bonus Lesson)

In previous lessons we have discussed the basic foundations of marketing your business online and offline.  We’ve discussed everything from networking to reaching out to people on their mobile device.  By now you probably realize that there are a number of ways to be successful promoting your business as long as you have a basic goal and objective along with some “know-how”.

The most expensive advertising by far is doing a television commercial.  This is due to two primary factors: 1) a television commercial, properly targeted has a considerable amount of reach, and 2) the power of video to create a personal connection with people is significant.  When advertisers have a well structured commercial, they are able to get their message to stick in the minds of their prospects due to the kind of impression that a video leaves.

Business owners who do not have the capital to invest in a television campaign can still use the power of video to connect with potential prospects and customers.  It is estimated the raw number of online video viewers will reach just under 170 million people in 2012, according to internet marketing analyst Hubspot.com.  Also according to Hubspot, 53.5% of the population and 71% of internet users will watch some form of online video.

This is significant because the statistics refer to the potential reach of online video.  Businesses that commit to having their content seen in video can level the playing field to some degree, even if they don’t necessarily have an established presence in the marketplace.  Many small companies have perfected a strategy of using YouTube.com, the no-cost video platform of Google.Com as their video marketing platform.

The fact that this video sharing site is owned by Google.com means that YouTube videos often rank in the search results for certain keywords.  Those businesses that can create compelling video and upload it to YouTube.com have a very good chance of being found in the search engines when people are actually searching.

This brings the power of video to your business.  Call us today so that we can explore with you what video can do in your business.

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