Lesson 12 – Internet Promotions – An Introduction

In a previous lesson we outlined the basic internet promotions that you should have in place.  Hopefully by this time you have established these properties. If you haven’t, make sure to review Lesson Eight and contact us so that we can get you moving in the right direction there.  Here are the basic properties that you should have established:

Search Engines: A Website and or Blog that can be found by your customers

Search Directories: An Account in Google Places, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps

Multi-Media: YouTube, Podcasting and Pinterest (Images)

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

Mobile: A Mobile Website and/or a Mobile Apps

Publication: Kindle and Traditional Publication

Public Relations: Online News and Press Releases

Online Communities: Online Forums and Bulletin Boards

The key is to be able to systematically establish these properties without them taking your time away from the business to maintain them.  Additionally, you want to make sure that they are integrated and working together in the most productive way possible.  Working through these eight basic methods will begin a snowball effect for your promotions.  Each one will work together to feed the other seven.

You may have heard that some companies were on the Google Search engine at some point and easily found by their customers and then lost their ranking almost overnight.  This loss of ranking for some businesses was devastating.  They lost a considerable part of their business in a very short period of time.  By working through this list and making sure each one of the different types of internet promotion is working for you, you will be immune to any one of the eight sources changing or drying up your traffic.

That is also why we talked about all of the other promotions before this.  Your internet promotion will take all of your other actions and super-charge them.  In our next lesson we will start by talking about being found in the search engines and what you can do to help yourself.  Call today so that we can start integrating your internet promotions, your offline promotions and your professional network.

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