Lesson 25 – Introduction to LinkedIn

The LinkedIn network was designed for professional connections and relationships.  Of all of the social networks it is the least purely social platform.  Most if not all of the activity revolves around your company or your activity with a company.  Although it is focused and its population is the smallest, the activity is productive for executives who have a need to meet others in business.

Most of the interaction on LinkedIn occurs on the individual level, even though companies are permitted to set their own presence there.  It is important to note that while there may be consumer activity on LinkedIn, it is extremely limited and rare.  Most of connecting between parties occurs on the professional level.

To benefit from LinkedIn, it is prudent for the executives and key staff of the company to establish their own individual accounts.  In that way, the company can extend the maximum level of influence among industry peers as well potential clients.  Once an account has been established, executives can consider messaging those in their contact database to provide connection details.

Apart from working with those with whom you are already connected, a considerable number of the meetings take place through introductions, endorsements and referrals.  LinkedIn’s programming allows for those who know you as a connection on the network to introduce you as a colleague or to recommend you as a contractor or partner.  Alternatively, current connections are permitted to introduce you to individuals in their network through the LinkedIn email system.

The key strategy for LinkedIn users is to make connections with those who have influence in the places where your clients and customers are.  Additionally, LinkedIn is an aid in building a professional network.  It is important to note that ‘cold-calling’ members is frowned upon on LinkedIn.  It is best to make sure then to establish contact through introduction whenever possible.

In future lessons, we will discuss advanced strategies for utilizing LinkedIn; however, in our next course module we will discuss Google+.  Call us today so that we can help you to set up your LinkedIn account and help you to maximize it along with your other social promotions.

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