Lesson 29 – Your Online Marketing Tracking Systems

One of the most important aspects of your online marketing will be your tracking systems.  This system will tell you how many people are coming to your website and where they are coming from.  It will tell you how many people during a given time period are landing on your product page.  Your tracking system is critical because without it, you will not be able to tell which promotional efforts are working and which ones aren’t.

The tracking system that 52% of all websites currently use is maintained by Google and is called “Google Analytics”.  Companies primarily use it because it’s free of charge and because of its close association to the Google search engine.  It is arguably the most detailed system that you will be able to get at no cost.

However, Google Analytics makes a considerable amount of information available as it is really designed for webmasters and web marketers. Some of the information in their reports is written in jargon used by internet marketers, and as a result you will need to familiarize yourself with the important terms.   If there is a precaution to using the information that you get in Google Analytics, it is that you want to avoid being paralyzed with all of the data.

You will want to pay attention to how much traffic you are getting and where that traffic is coming from.  You’ll need to make a clear connection between new or experimental promotional efforts and the results that you are getting from them.   You’ll want to pay very close attention to the results of your efforts with social media, looking to find out which of the networks provides you with buyers or leads.

When it comes to implementing a tracking system it would be a very good use of your time to work with a web marketer or consultant.   A consulting company (like ours) can help you to get your tracking system installed and labeled so that you will know where your sales are coming from and how to make changes to your efforts.  We typically go one step farther to help you figure out what you can add to make your promotions effective.

In our next lesson, we will discuss mobile marketing and how it fits in to your overall promotions.

We like to work with our clients to investigate what is working in their current promotional program and then suggest solutions as to what they could do more of or less of.  Call us today so that we can begin working with you.



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