Lesson 27 – Introduction to Pinterest

The Pinterest social network is for businesses that can use visuals to interact with their customers, connections and prospects.  It differs from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn in that the primary mode of communication is through the posting (called pinning in Pinterest) of images and videos.  At this point most of the connections that people make on Pinterest come from Facebook in particular.

To take advantage of the viral nature of Pinterest, you will need to think about the visual nature of your business.  Are your products and services visual in nature?  Or perhaps you may want show pictures of your staff in action.  In some cases, companies that are successful using Pinterest showcase those things that the staff finds interesting.

As is the case with other social networks, Pinterest depends on interaction.  Therefore, you and your staff will need to have a plan on who will participate on behalf of the company and communicate with those with whom you choose to connect.  Of course, you will want to make sure that the person who is doing this on behalf of your company understands the medium and is motivated to participate.

Companies that have been most successful on Pinterest have been those who have encouraged interaction with customers and prospects. In effect, it is the sharing of their content that drives traffic back to their website more than companies sharing their own branded content.

Therefore, if you can find a way to get your customers involved in sharing their images (think contests) with you and allowing you to post them on Pinterest, you can experience a viral effect to this particular social network.  In our next lesson, we will conclude this section on social networking by suggesting some tools on setting up your networks and how to manage your interactions without being overwhelmed.

Call us today so that we can help you to get set up on the Pinterest network and get it working with your other promotions.

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