Lesson 26 – Introduction to Google+

The Google Plus (Google+) network is Google’s attempt at building its own social platform.  Its growth has not been as fast as some of the other networks; however it is integrated into a number of important promotional activities that you will be undertaking.

Most of the socializing that is done, is much like Facebook in that you will be sharing your content with those with whom you connect.  The ethics of Google+ are much the same as Facebook.  In other words, while you can easily connect with others on an individual level, you will want to set up a business page to take full advantage of all of the network’s features.

The first thing that you will want to do is to invite those who are part of your contact database to connect with you on Google Plus.  If you have followed previous lessons, you may have already connected to those in your database that use Facebook.  However, you have probably noticed that there were a number of individuals who chose not to take you up on your offer to connect with your fan page.  In some cases, customers and prospects do not use the Facebook platform and don’t want to join it in order to become part of your page.

As a result, your invitation to them to connect with you on Google Plus will give you another opportunity to reach a new network of people who may like to share information about your product or service.  The potential for new people to share your content on a social level is the factor that gives social media platforms like Google+ such power.

The other factor that is important is the integration that Google has initiated with its ‘Places’ program and Google Plus.  It has significant value for ranking your website and your business directory listing.  This alone, is a major reason for you to participate on the network.  This will be the subject of one of our future lessons where we discuss some advanced strategies.   Nevertheless, in our last lesson on social media, we will discuss the social network Pinterest and how you can benefit from it.

Call us today so that we can help you to take full advantage of being part of the Google+ network and how it can help the ranking of your website and business directory listing.

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