Lesson 22 – Introduction to Social Media

We have said it several times during these twenty two lessons so far, that you should attempt to be in every place online that your prospect is.  And now that the internet is changing toward being a medium to connect with people, consumers and businesses are spending more time on social media websites and platforms.

Social media simply describes those sites where people connect on a personal level.  Social media sites are not like blogs or regular websites.  They are platforms that encourage users to share with a community of people that they are connected to online.  There are over 100 social media sites in regular use.  Some of the largest and most recognized platforms among the 100 are:  1) Facebook, 2) Twitter, 3) LinkedIn, 4) Google+ and 5) Pinterest.

Even though these sites are used primarily for members to share their personal lives with each other, you will want to have a presence on the five major sites listed above.   When your customer is given a reason to share some part of your business that affected their life with their personal network, you have a chance to: 1) influence a prospect in a positive way and 2) entice someone to become part of your contact database.

This is important because business owners do not have a lot of success using social media to simply send out links to their location and alert people to sale pricing.   While strategies like that can work, they miss the full potential of using social media.  Social Media when done well inspires other people to share your company with their connections.

But all of this takes place with interaction.  As you engage with customers and prospects about your company, you are earning the right to promote your products to them.  In the next few lessons we will talk about each one of the major social networks as well as strategies to employ to get the most from the medium.  Call today so that we can help you to move your social media strategy forward.


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